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We have over 20  years experience in worldwide international  trading.

We are specialized in exporting European products to the Chinese and Turkish market, where we have establishes our sales offices since more than 10 years. We can provide professional follow up and efficient sales team with national language.


Following our main activities:

  • Raw skins from UK , Ireland, Spain and France to Turkey and China

  • Pork Meat and Offals for Gatine SA France (which is part of the Mousquetaire group) for Sales to China

  • Beef Meat and Offals for SVA Jean Rozé France (which is part of the Mousquetaire group) for Sales to Turkey and China

  • All kind of Food products  from France about 2000 Products, from Mousquetaires group  owned Factories  (Total 60 Factories) for Sales to Turkey and Chin

  • All kind of Food products from France about 20'000 References from Mousquetaire group production for Intermarché. for sales to China

  • Livestock from France to Turkey (We have build up a close teamwork with breeders in both countries (France and Turkey) and our aim is to assist the breeders in Turkey and to pass the excellent know how of breeding from France to Turkey.


Sales office for : Zivana Skins UK Ltd and Arola Export

Since 2010, ZIVANA SA is working very closely with one of the biggest and state-of-the art abattoirs in France, SVA – Jean Rozé and GATINE VIANDES (Mousquetaires Group.


Zivana SA
Z.A. Ussières, Route des Artisans 19
1088 Ropraz /VD Switzerland

Tel : 0041 21 312 20 55
Fax : 0041 21 312 20 67

Managing office Switzerland :

Ayhan Zivana

Priska Zivana